eden garden features

Our History

From daunting challenges....

Eden Garden had its beginnings in 1964 when a farsighted horticulturalist, Jack Clark, with 15 fellow enthusiasts took on the daunting challenge of converting an old, abandoned, rubbish-filled quarry into the world-class garden it is today.  The quarry on the site of one of Auckland's forty volcanic cones, had supplied stone for the early development of the city.  It had been purchased by a city businessman, Sir Frank Mappin, as an addition to his neighbouring estate, which he eventually donated to the Crown as the site for Government House.  The quarry site was not required and it passed to The Eden Garden Society for development.  Many years of back-breaking work followed, emptying the quarry of old abandoned trucks and cars and decades of rubbish, bringing in tons of soil, all done by the core of volunteers.

. . . their hard work paid off

The Garden is now a tranquil oasis in the middle of the city with a surprise around every corner. The structural backbone planting of the quarry has matured into a tall canopy of exotic and native trees and bushes that complement and contrast with the carefully crafted underplantings of shade-loving species. Look for ferns, palms and natives in the moist and sheltered lower levels, while agaves, proteas and leucadendrons, thrive on the upper sunny slopes. Elsewhere in the garden, a wide variety of plants including perennials, vireyas, camellias, rhododendrons, Japanese maples and Taiwanese cherries thrive while seasonal displays add to the colour and charm.